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tagines   sauces
Alongside Couscous, tagines are most definitely the emblem of the Moroccan cuisine. The name of this dish originates from the cookware it is prepared in and due in particular to the method of cooking; the finished products have over the years adopted the name of the utensil, (a similar story with the French casserole dish). Many people are not aware that there are a variety of tagine dishes and these vary from lamb, chicken and fish - each with its subtle and specific characteristics. Following our traditional recipes we have developed for you three different flavours of ready-made tagine sauces, which will help you reproduce authentic Moroccan flavours without too much fuss.

Frequently Asked Questions:  What is a Tagine? - How do I use these sauces?

Prunes & Ginger Tagines Sauce
 Prunes & Ginger
The prune tagine is one of the most sophisticated Moroccan dishes.
Originally from Fes, this dish has graced the Moroccan table on all special occasions.
This sweet and savoury sauce is an excellent example of how Moroccans master the dried fruit in savoury dishes.
We recommend this sauce with meat such as lamb, duck or chicken. Simply brown the meat, cut in medium cubes in oil, add the sauce, cover and simmer for 15 mins. Uncover and reduce by 15%. The dish will be ready as soon as the meat is cooked.

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Tomato & Cinnamon Tagines Sauce
This is a tomato sauce with a definite twist.
The subtle and delicate flavour will intrigue your palate the moment you taste it.
This sauce is extremely versatile, we recommend it with all kinds of meats including meat balls. This product can also be used as a cold sauce or a coulis to accompany Moroccan parcels or vegetarian tartelettes.

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